It ‘time to govern the buffaloes, place the straw and then we have to collect the vegetables and eggs for dinner and then straight to sleep because tomorrow a good time you have to milk the buffaloes, prepare for the processing of milk, do the ricotta, mozzarella …


Things of the past! Times when our grandfather Raffaele in the estate of the Barons Berlingeri neighborhood Vaccareccia (FG), produced its superb buffalo mozzarella and sent in that of Trani (BA), where he extolled the gourmet delicacy.

From grandfather Raffaele Di Bari (DB brand of the family) have inherited the values ​​of our rural culture, tied to our area (the province of Foggia), the ancient and typical food traditions that are three generations of our craft an art. An art that has its roots in the distant past, since in Foggia in 1294, for the exhibition of the herd Reale di Santa Felicita, had sold products made from buffalo milk.

All this historical, geographical and tradition has been enhanced since 2003, thanks to the expansion of the area of origin protected PDO Mozzarella di Bufala Campana twelve municipalities in the province of Foggia, including San Giovanni Rotondo.