The Production

Coagulation  is preceded by the addition in the milk, previously brought to a temperature between 33 and 39 ° C, of ​​natural whey coming from the same processing of the previous day. This addition helpes  to make the milk active and ready for immediate and following  coagulation which is carried out in vats  or  in polyvalent steel, by exclusive use of natural  cow rennet.
Breaking and drainig of the curd.

After a few minutes that the milk is coagulated for the rennet, we proceed to break of the same caseating lumps with a tool called “spino” that reduces them up to a size of a little more of a walnut. From this moment occurs the separation of the solid phase and the liquid phase of the milk (syneresis). The liquid phase, by drawing away, is called “sweet whey” and is the raw material with which you will obtain deliciouse  “Ricotta di Bufala” , while the solid phase is called curd.

The curd allowed to acidify in the whey until it is defined as “mature” or “ready” for stretching  by the cheesemaker.

Cherries from the braids
A part of the forming step is carried out by the cheesemaker  and his collaborators manually, the remaining part is carried out with machines for forming that produce pieces to predetermined weight.
Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO “Il Parco” is then transferred from the first left in tanks with cold water and then is put in other tanks containing saline solution to give the product the right degree final flavor. In addition to the round shape that starts from 10 grams, the disciplinary impose various types, such as, knots and braids up to three kilograms.